Best Festivals in Canada

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Submitted by Keith Watson on 2013, July 16 - 9:30pm

Hi I'm planning a trip though central and eastern Canada where are the best upcoming festivals?

2013, July 17 - 11:35am

We are diving from western Ontario to Halifax! I love Montreal and we may be able to make it to Osheaga. They certainly have a lot of acts there this year.


2013, August 19 - 5:43pm

Thanks for posting this thread as I was planning on making the trip to Canada sometime soon and I definitely plan on trying to make it to a couple of festivals when I'm there. The Sonic Boom festival sounds great so I'll see if I can make it there.

2013, September 1 - 4:27pm

It's already passed this year, but I'd definitely say the Osheaga festival in Montreal. There's always a great lineup, a great crowd, and in your offtime you can tour the beautiful city of Montreal and experience their intense culture. I'd definitely recommend it!