Australian Packages to Tomorrowland

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Submitted by Emma Beedeison on 2013, January 7 - 3:58pm

Hi im looking at getting a package to Tomorrowland 2013, with flights camping and the VIP ticket. I'm from Western Australia and would be flying out from Perth, based on the 2012 pricing could you tell me how much in Australian dollars i would be looking at?

2013, January 7 - 4:04pm

Hello Emma,

In 2012 there were no travel packages from Australia, we are not sure if this is the case for 2013, as information has not yet been released. Rumour has it that the festival are looking to add more locations to it's travel package so bare with us. As soon as we get any information we shall share it.

Until then please check out the travel section of this wiki for further information on how to go get to the festival:

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 14 - 3:36am

Hi Emma,

Just check with you local tour operators as many Tour and travel Agencies in every country have been selling packages that include airfare + tomorrowland tickets + accommodation.

Regards, Darshil

2014, January 19 - 2:13pm

hey i know its 2014 now but there is ticket with flights with ticket there now i am extremely keen for this year i am looking for travel buddy if any needs one tormorrowland