Age at Tomorrowland

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Submitted by danieldudley on 2013, January 12 - 12:24pm

if i turn 18 in august this year can i still go to tomrrowland

2013, January 12 - 2:02pm

Yes, as long as you are 18 the year the festival is on.

2013, January 12 - 5:57pm

im 18 in august but the event is in july so would i be allowed entry?

2013, January 12 - 6:56pm

so my birthdays on august the 13th i will be allowed to go and be given the same rights as somebody who is 18 xx

2013, January 13 - 12:19am

Yes you will.

2013, January 14 - 11:49am

As long as you turn 18 on the same year as the event you are travelling then you will be allowed entry.

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