Advance Sale Tickets for Coachella 2014

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Submitted by Edward Mellett on 2013, June 13 - 12:41pm

I just checked the Coachella website and apparently pre-sale tickets for 2014 are already sold out! Apparently they sold out in May and I didn't even know they were going on sale!

I can't find too much info on these pre-sale tickets online so can anyone help with some info: (1) Are these pre-sale tickets cheaper than tickets released later? (2) Do they sell these pre-sale tickets every year?

Finally can someone tell me around about when tickets for Coachella 2014 will start to go on sale again as I know they sold out super fast in 2013 and 2012.

2013, June 14 - 2:52pm

I think pre-sale tickets are usually cheaper, and they do have pre-sale tickets every year! I really hope you can grab your tickets! Coachella seems like it's going to be really awesome once again! I'm not too sure when they go on sale again sorry matey :(

2013, July 9 - 1:23am

I hate when this happens and I feel like it is happening for events, large and small, more often. I was trying to buy tickets to a smaller show in New York and it "sold out" in seconds, and I went to to see what the prices were, and they were about 150% markup. Kind of frustrating; I am not sure if official scalper sites have some sort of "in" with the concert companies, but it is truly annoying. This also happened to a friend of mine at Winter Music Conference in Miami. It would be nice if someone looked out for the real fans.