2 Questions about Tomorrowland 2013

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Submitted by Omri Cohen on 2013, February 10 - 5:42pm

1. How fast does the tickets sale is end ? a few days ? hours ? minutes ? how long 'till it sold out ?

2. Can you buy Worldwide tickets with Diners Credit Card ? it says on the official that Diners allowed with Global Journey but what about Regular Tickets ? it is not mention there.

thank you !

2013, February 11 - 12:53pm

Hello Omri

1) General tickets always sell out on the day, we can't give you a prediction of how long the global and vip tickets take

2) The following payment methods are allowed for general ticket sale, Diners isn't we're afraid but the following are: Bancontact/Mr. Cash, iDeal, Mastercard/ Visa, ING home pay, PayPal, Visa Delta, Sofortuberweisung, Visa Electron, Maestro

Anything else we can help with?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 11 - 10:33pm

Yes I do have one more question.

is PayPal a good way to pay ? how does the payment process goes with paypal ?

2013, July 9 - 10:30am

Paypal serves kind of like a middleman between the two parties, so you don't have to give the other person your information. You can either pay with your Paypal balance or you can Paypal up to take the money directly from your account or credit card.

2013, February 12 - 11:17am

Paypal is a good way to pay yes :-) It is credited for good customer service and online paying safety so that would be out choice too!

Hope it all goes welll :-D

Team Wikifestivals

2013, August 19 - 11:01am

The ticket sale ends when everyone has finished buying tickets. The answer to the second idk, but can you buy a glass of orange juice with an elephant in hand?