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Veratartz festival is a one day live music event, which is held at Zorats Karer, an archaeological site near the city of Sisian, in the Syunik province of Armenia.


2012 line-up

Promoters state that the line-up will be announced within the next month or two.


The ethos of the festival is to celebrate the important date of Navasard (August 11th).

The importance of the date is felt in the historic settings of Zorats Karer, which are considered to be the oldest stonehenges around.

Performed open-air, attendees also have the mountainous surrounding to enjoy, which add to the natural and spiritual vibe of the festival.

History and facts

The event of Navasard is dedicated to the 7 Armenian pagan gods: Aramazd (the Supreme Armenian God, the Father of all Gods and Goddess), Anahit (the Supreme Goddess), Astghik (the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Water), Nane (the Goddess of War), Vahagn (the God of Thunder and Lightning), Mihr (the God of Sun and Heaven Light) and Tir (the God of Wisdom, Science and Studies).

“According to the mythology, on this day the Gods came down to the Earth to bathe in the sacred River of Aratsani and then watched people celebrating the holiday. People had to please the Gods and scarified grain and blood of domestic animals. It was also the feast of love,”

August 11 is also marked in Armenia as the day when Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Ararat.

2012 will be the festivals second year, following a successful launch last year.

Tickets and contact

Veratartz is a non ticketed and free event, the only restriction is that the age limit is 16 +