Truck Festival

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Truck Festival is an independent music started by the Bennett Family in 1998. Held annually in Oxfordshire, the fmaily (who includes brothers Robin and Joe of band Goldrush) decided that festivals such as Glastonbury where becoming too predictable and mainstream, so it was out of this belief the idea for Truck began.


2012 lineup, rumours, news and updates

Head-liners for the main stage are Mystery Jets and The Temper Trap, other acts booked include British Sea Power, The Low anthem, Guillemots, King Charles and Brontide, the full lineup as announced can be found here.


Decribed as "A Village fete meets Woodstock", the event is free from sponsorship and aims to attract those looking for a more contemporary and back to basics type event.

Annual attendance stands at 5,000, and the layout of the festival is seen as a microcosm of the larger mainstream festivals, making it a perfect started festival for newbies.

The festival also has it's own music label, and every year a compilation album is released, featuring tracks from bands who have played at the festivals.

History and facts

A common misconception is that the name "Truck" came from the fact that the main stage is constructed from three large flatbed trucks, however in 2007 Robin Bennett stated "Contrary to popular belief, the name Truck actually came from a compilation CD I picked up, 'Ten Trucking Greats', the soundtrack of the movie Convoy".

After 2011's poor ticket sales, the Bennetts have stepped down from managing the festival, however organisers of Y Not Festival have taken over, a decision many welcomed as the festivals are off similar ethos.