Stag & Dagger Festival

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Stag & Dagger Festival is a two date live music event, that takes place across six London venues on the first date, and then moves to various Glasgow venues for the second date.


2012 line-up, news, rumours and our predictions

Neither the London or Glasgow branches have confirmed their line-ups.

However the London event is set to take place around Shoreditch on Thursday 17th May, with the Glasgow branch taking place on Saturday 19th May.


The perfect "one-ticket-gives-access-to-all" music event, Stag And Dagger is a superb festival for unexpected musical discoveries.

Whether you are someone who lives outside of London and Glasgow, or perhaps have not ventured into certain parts of those cities, the multi venue nature and the different choices of borough areas is great for tourists or those new to the area to explore the unseen or unknown music venues.

Venues and other entertainment

As always, the venues will be revealed closer to the time of the event.

On Site Information

Opening Times: In both cities all the venues are within walking distance of each other, and the running times of the day are 12pm - 12am.

Wristband access: The purchased wristbands do grant you access to all venues, but it's important to bare in mind the venues have varying capacities they must abide to.

(i.e The early bird catches the worm, if there is an act you are desperate to see, time well for it, as venues are known to temporarily close doors if they feel they may exceed capacity)

Alcohol outside of venues: It is also important to remember, that in regards to the London event, you are not allowed to drink in the street, otherwise you could risk a fine of £500.

Cash machines/ATMs: There are plenty of non charging cash machines near and en route to all venues.

Of the ones that do charge, the fee is usually around the £1.75 mark.

Cloakrooms: Due to multi venue nature of the festival, there is not one central cloakroom, so it is best to keep your belongings with you.

Tickets and contacts

Although ticket prices have not yet been confirmed, although various sources state that they will cost roughly £12.

The event is strictly an 18+ age limit, and attendees must remember to bring ID.