Skive Festival

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Skive is a four day festival formerly known as Skive Beach Party, although a multi genre event, the lineup's main three choice of music is Pop, Rock and Electronica.


2012 line-up, rumours and news

Headlining acts for this year's event include L.O.C, The Offspring, Linkin Park, Medina, Aura, Scooter, The Ting Tings, Robyn, Calvin Harris.

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Past line-up highlights

The festival has featured some of the most popular international acts such as: Green Day, Rammstein, The Killers, DJ Tiesto, Linkin Park, Queens of The Stone Age, Bloc Party, Bloodhound Gang, Bryan Adams, Maroon 5, Pet Shop Boys, Gavin Degraw, Meat Loaf, Ronan Keating, The Presidents of The USA, Melanie C, Run Rig, INXS, Status Quo and many others.


The festivals "primary goal is to present modern music from the present music scene for the younger crowd with a wide range of musical genres represented"

History and facts

The festival started as Skive Beach Party and started out as a one day event with mainly popular choices of music.

Music Stages

The festival has two main stages and two themed stages, the two themed stages are named Club Stoj (meaning noize), which is the stage to feature electronica heavily, then there is the Rolinu! stage (meaning no worries) which is more laide out and chilled with alternative artists.