RVN '69

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A Vietnam immersive festival that is part reenactment, part 1960's costume party, with a Huey helicopter landing and a whole day reserved for Airsoft battles.

Costumes are required - everyone is a participant in this movie-like setting. Uniforms are encouraged, but civilian styles of the era are welcome (check out our Facebook page or website for tips).

Saturday starts off with military reenactor displays and collections, meeting real Vietnam veterans and historians, Vietnamese food, free sodas and drinks, 60s music, patrols through the bush, and a Huey helicopter landing and display. Once the sun goes down, the outdoor amphitheater transforms into a psychedelic 60s party venue with music, performances and some R&R. Camping for the night is permitted.

Sunday welcomes throngs of US and ARVN forces and VC and NVA forces as they battle it out with Airsoft amid the bushes, banana trees and billboards set up days before.

You can purchase a day pass for either day, or a combo weekend pass for the full experience.