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Rumpus is a party style one day festival that takes part in London other other month. Their ethos is to great the vibe of a great party that goes beyond cramming people into one room with one style of music.

Based around creative collaboration, the event prefers to work with artist and performers who experiment, as opposed to seasoned and rigid professionals.


2012 the next all night indoor festival has the following lineup: Slamboree / Gypsy Hill / The Turbans / Great Malarkey / Fluffy Logic / Dakota Jim and his Family Orchestra / Dr Malaka / Chris Tofu / DJ Couscous / Happy Slap Boutique / Baltic Balkan


The theme of the next party is "A Rather Big Adventure", Forget the mud, leave the wellies at home and come explore the 11 strange and wonderful lands as we go on A Rather Big Adventure!

Stages and other entertainment

Room 1 – The Rumpus Arena

A vast coliseum, where the finest entertainment is displayed for your elicitation! With old friends Gypsy Hill and Slamboree leading the musical carnival into unknown lands as well as Rumpus stalwart DJs, lead by the infamous Dr Malaka braving this unchartered territory to guide the party goers through an epic night of high octane fun! At the appointed hour the Rubbish Sideshow Circus will unleash a thunderous volley of death-defying aerial circus performances to the awe and astonishment of all in attendance!

Room 2 – The Other Stage

Mystery and magic abound in this land of musical Madness! The Great Malarkey and The Turbans will overpower you with their live sets, and a host of mesmerising DJs, including DJ CousCous and the Baltic Balkan crew will keep you on your feet through to the early hours!

Room 3 – The Fluffy Logic Isle Of Nice

They’re back, they’re lovely, and their tunes are WONDERFULL! The Fluffy Logic Crew invite you to their secret Isle of Loveliness. Bringing with them nice stuff to look at, nonsense to talk about and dancing ‘till dawn.

Room 4 – The Travelling Tavern

Step back in time and step into the bayou on a heaving Saturday night in 1920. The Travelling Tavern’s Queen of the Night welcomes you onto the dancefloor to let loose with the rowdiest Jazz, Blues and Ragtime, all courtesy of the superlative Dakota Jim and His Family Orchestra.

Room 5 – The Jungle Is Massive Ball Pit

Be wary of stepping into the Jungle is Massive Ball Pit – many enter and many are lost to its nostalgic silliness for hours.

Room 6 – The Alleyway of Broken Dreams

She was just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, and he was just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit. They met in the Alleyway of Broken Dreams, and they never stopped believing.

Room 7 – The Suck My Rock Forest

Is it a photobooth? Is it an interactive theatre set? Is it a party with cameras and professional photographers waiting to snap you in your fineries? It’s all three and much, much more, thanks the wildly creative minds of Suck My Rock. Prizes to those that manage to capture The Dreaded Bobmonster.

Room 8 – The Rumpus Marketplace

Wander through our old time emporium, showcasing the finest wares by makers, crafters and merchants from our community. Grab yourself a tail, some threads, have your hair done up at the Hairy Poppins Pop Up Hair Salon.

Room 9 - The Happy Slap Boutique’s Dia De Las Criaturas Muertas

The Happy Slap Boutique brings you over the top DJs, aerial Circus acts and more colourful magic than you could imagine possible. Join the live body painting and join the ranks of the Dia De Las Criaturas Muertas procession.

Room 10 – The Rumpus Mega Cinema

Never before will you have beheld a cinema screen this large. VJ Harper will astound your eyes, enthral your mind and feed your soul!

Room 11 – The Lost Room of Doom

Will you find the Magical Mystery Room? Will you solve the mightily mysterious mystery of the Room of Doom? WILL YOU?!


Tickets can be purchase from the official website and cost the following prices:

  • Early Bird: £10 / £15
  • Advance: £20
  • On The Door: £25 / £20


This is the type of event who encompasses all types, there is no VIP.


This is an 18+ event

Disability Access

For information on disability access, we would advice contacting the venue on 020 7701 1500.


As this is an indoor event, there is not the usual stresses of a field festival, however weather is usually cold at that time of year in the UK, but thankfully not as artic as it can get later in the year.


The next festival will be held at The Coronet, Elephant & Castle, 28 New Kent Rd, London, SE1 6TJ


  • BY TUBE: The nearest tube is Elephant & Castle
  • BY BUS: The following bus and night buses pass the venue or nearby: 1, 35, 40, 45, 63, 68, 133, 171, 199, 333, N35, N68, N133, N171, 148, 176, 188, 344, 453
  • BY CAR: Parking Meters – There are plenty of car spaces to park around the area, and they’re free from 18:30 to 8:30am. Outside these hours a fee of £2.40/hour is charged
  • BY TRAIN: Elephant & Castle Station ( through First Thameslink )


There are plenty of hotels nearby or a short bus ride away, as London has plenty of night buses.

What to wear

Dress Code Suggestions:

Explorers; Far Away Lands; Exotic Wonders; Marco Polo; Merchants; Sinbad the Sailor; Caravanserais; Boldly Going Where No Creature Has Gone Before; Conquistadors; Thar Be Dragons; Terra Incognita; The Odyssey & The Argonauts; Amazons; Corsairs; Sirens & Nymphs; Xanadu; The Silk Road; Trade Winds; Lost Tribes; The Fountain Of Wasted Youth; A Long Time Ago, In A Party Far, Far Way.


This is a non camping event

Site Information

Doors are 10pm - 6am

Food and drink

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Perform at the festival

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Volunteer or work

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Drugs and security

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The event has been running for two years,

Past lineups

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