Pohoda Festival

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Pohoda Festival is held annually at Trenčín Airport, Trenčín, Slovakia.

The festival features an eclectic variety of music such as, alternative, rock, pop, dance music, world music, house, techno, drum and bass, hip hop, but also theatre, discussions, chamber music, dance and literature workshops.


2012 line-up, rumours, news and our predictions

For the 2012 Pohoda Festival some big names have so far been confirmed with the likes of Kasabian, Lou Reed, The Horrors, Emiliana Torrini, Two Door Cinema Club, Anna Calvi, Caribou, Little Roy, JuJu, Gemma Hayes, Warpaint, Emika, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Chew Lips, Naive New Beaters, The Victorian English Gentlemens Club, Screaming Females, Amatorski, Susanne Blech, Hjálmar, Les Trucs, The Alaev Family, The Plastic People of the Universe, Bonus, Les Trucs, The Alaev Family, Fiordmoss, Floex, Čoko Voko, and The Maggies Marshmallows all to play across the 7 stages.

There are many more acts to be announced and more information on the 2012 line-up will follow shortly on WikiFestivals.

2011 Line-up and past line-up highlights:

Moby, Rusko, M.I.A., Simian Mobile Disco, Magnetic Man, Pulp, Madness and more details of the 2011 line-up can be found here.

For more information on past line-ups, click here.


There is a very mixed vibe at Pohoda Festival as it attracts revellers who enjoy all wide variety music genres. Many of the bands finish around 1-2am but the dance/electro DJs and acts play on till around 8am.

So with such late or should we say early finishes to live music, many people may spend the day time chilling or venture round Trenčín.

History and facts

The word Pohoda means 'well-being' and 'coziness' in Slovakian.

The first Pohoda Festival was held in 1997. About 2000 people attended but only 140 tickets were sold.

Pohoda Festival is now one of the biggest festivals in Slovakia and it's attendance has grown year by year with the number of festival goers reaching 33,000 in 2009. Since 2010, the festival has been restricted to 30,000 revellers.

Music stages and other entertainment

There are 7 stages at Pohoda Festival showcasing all the various forms of music and theatre/literature entertainment.

There will be Children Park where the professionals will take care of your children. Park is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm. There is number of attractions, cultural program as well as the station for changing nappies.

On site information

Noise Volumes:

The noise volumes can get loud the closer you are to a stage, so it's advised to take ear plugs in case you stand near a speaker or close to a stage.


The festival is held in the middle of the summer. The weather in mainland Europe tends to be much nicer and hotter than British summers. So it is important for festival goers to remember to take plenty of sun-block, summer clothing and drink plenty of water. However the weather is predictably unpredictable so check the weather forecast and take warm, waterproof clothing/footwear just in case the weather turns for the worst.

Festival Times:

Pohoda Festival 2012 will run from the 5th to 7th July.

The festival-goers will be able to enter the festival site on Thursday, 5th July at 4pm when Nozdrkovce gate for walkers and Opatovce gate for those coming by car will be open. The parking lot will be open already at 12pm


Smoking is allowed in all open parts of the Festival except Children’s Park. Smoking is prohibited in all tents (including the dancing scenes) – from the safety reason in the first place but also as consideration to others. We kindly ask smokers not to smoke in crowds during the open air concerts.

Cash Machines:

There are cash points located around the festival. It is very likely that these cash points will charge so it's advised that you bring enough cash into the festival and it would save you queuing and missing out any of the acts.

Those coming from countries without the Euro/SKK, it would probably be best to convert your money into Euros/SKK before going.

Merchandise & Programmes:

It is possible to buy Festival merchandise/souvenirs and programmes (T-shirts, CDs, badges, caps ...). You can buy them in special stands marked with the Festival’s logo – Pohoda Shop.

Bringing Your Own Alcohol:

Alcohol can be brought into the camp site but is prohibited to brought into the main festival arena. Also no glass bottles are allowed, so make sure all alcohol and other drinks are in plastic bottles or cans.

General bins and Recycling bins:

There are plenty of general and recycling bins located around the festival site.

Each tent will get 2 plastic bags. One will be for recyclable waste (plastics, paper, metal), second one will be for other waste. We kindly ask you to tighten the plastic bags and take them to the closest barrel or container or to leave them on the spot. If you do not get the bags or you fill them up, please, contact the volunteers in the area of camping site.


There will be more than 400 toilets and some “minizones with urinals”.

Toilets are placed at various locations around festival site.

Showers (120 with hot water) are located in the centres of hygiene opposite the Bažant stage and next to the Metoo stage.

Other Information

Unlike many festivals, all dogs are allowed to the Festival except for the fighting breeds such as bullterrier, pitbullterrier, rottweiler, etc. only with the muzzle and on the leash. Free movement of dogs is not permitted and will be handled by security service. Also dogs with visibly aggressive character will not be allowed to enter the Festival.

When entering the Festival area each parent and his/her child will receive special wrist band with the parent´s phone number which will be used by kids´ park employees if necessary.

Food and drink

There are food vendors at the festival should you wish to purchase food and onsite bars serving a variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.

Drugs at the festival

Drugs are strictly prohibited from the festival. Anyone found with or using illegal drugs will be removed from the event and the police would be informed.

However drug use does go on at festivals so if you do plan on using, make sure you are sensible and in total control of actions/behaviour. If you or anybody else has any problems connected with drugs do not hesitate and contact health service, doctors at the ambulances stations, representatives of OZ Odyseus or CPLDZ or organizers.

Camping and other accommodation

There are two camp sites within the Festival area – one in the direction from Trenčín for the pedestrian visitors, the second from the village Opatovce.

Families with children can camp in the area of the Children Park which is equipped by sanitary facilities, hot and cold water. Only parents and kids with special wrist-bands will be allowed to enter the camp site for parents with children.

If people do not want to camp, there are numerous hotels/hostels in Trenčín close by to the festival where revellers can stay.

Location and travel

Pohoda Festival is held at Trenčín Airport, Trenčín in Slovakia.

Trenčín is located in one of the most dynamic Slovak regions with rich history, many cultural and historic monuments (castle of Trenčín) and wide range of high-quality services, city itself belongs to the most beautiful cities in Slovakia. Accessibility by bus and car (highway), by train or even by plane is the most important fact for visitors. City is located close to the Czech Republic which is advantage for Czech visitors.

Trenčín is about 120km from the country's capital, Bratislava.

By Car

Entrance for car drivers will be located in the villages of Opatovce and Veľké Bierovce.

Both villages are located along the road number E572 from highway D1 direction to Zvolen – when driving from Bratislava take the Exit Chocholná – turn in the direction to Zvolen, after about 2km follow the signs showing direction to the Festival.

When driving from Žilina pass Trenčín and take the same Exit. When driving from Bánovce nad Bebravou (Zvolen) do not take the Exit for Trenčín but drive towards Brno (take highway) and follow the signs. When you get to Trenčín – find access road to Zvolen, at the crossing after the village Trenčianska Turná turn towards Bratislava and follow the signs.

Plan your route via AA Route Finder.

Car parking is available costing €7 in advance or €20 on arrival.

By Coach

Revellers can plan their journey to Slovakia through Eurolines which is part of National Express. Coaches can travel to Bratislava and Trenčín.

By Train

All express trains from Bratislava to Kosice (via Zilina) stop at Trencin. The journey time is approximately 1 hour 35 minutes. Trencin is one of the main stops of both inter-city and local trains on the route from Bratislava to Kosice.

From Trencin railway station visitors can use the shuttle service.

By Plane

Festival goers can fly into Bratislava Airport and get connecting services to Trencin. Another option is to fly to Vienna and drive 30 minutes to Bratislava before picking a connecting service.

Revellers can find cheap flights through various travel agencies/air companies such as Ryanair and Easy Jet.

Shuttle Services

You can find its timetable of shuttle service at the bus stops ans railway station, on Hasičská street, Električná street and by the Festival’s Nozdrkovská gate, where the bus stops. Shuttle service will be running during our Festival non-stop but the intervals will differ – from four times an hour during the rush hours to once an hour during the night.

Festival contact and ticket information

Weekend Tickets (Thursday - Saturday):

  • First 3000 tickets or till 15th December 2011 - €59
  • Next 5000 tickets or till 2nd February 2012 - €69
  • After selling 8000 tickets or from 16th February 2012 - €85
  • At the venue - €99

Caravan (price per caravan for whole weekend): + Until 4th July 2012 - €25 + At the venue - €39

Tickets can be purchased from here.

Festival Contact Information:

Tel.: +421 2 207 08 251

Tel./Fax: +421 2 207 08 250

Email: office@pohodafestival.sk