Iboga Summer Festival

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The countdown has already begun. We are less than 90 days away from the moment the third edition of Iboga Summer Festival opens its doors and the news keep coming with more and more about the experience and the musical madness that will take place the next 27, 28, 29, and 30 July in the beaches of Tavernes(Valencia).

This year again the line-up is on the spotlight, with more than 20 international artists and bands already confirmed, Iboga is already shaping up as the festival for world music par excellence within Spanish lands. Names such as EMIR KUSTURICA & THE NO SMOKING ORCHESTRA, INNER CIRCLE, DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV, HILIGHT TRIBE, TOO MANY ZOOZ, THE TOASTERS, S.A.R.S., RUSSKAJA, NEW YORK SKA.JAZZ ENSEMBLE, TERRAKOTA, VANDAL, BENNY PAGE, KUMPANIA ALGAZARRA... The list is wide, but the filter that they had to pass through to be invited to Iboga, is very narrow. Only the greatest masters of music designed for dancing uncontrollably and the show on stage, have place in our festival.

In addition, there will be a special emphasis on service improvements, mainly in the camping area with free access to tap water at many points and a greater infrastructure (showers, lighting, area for caravans and vans, etc.). We will also delight our eyes with a highly elaborated and striking deco. And this year more than ever, the distances are quite likeable: the concert venue, the beach and camping area are just 1 minute away distance from each other.

As Its becoming usual in the festival, performances of various kinds will enliven the days of Iboga’s musical dream: jugglers, magicians, entertainers ... And not only visually; also with music (a lot!), we will have the energy, charm and power of seven batucadas arriving from different parts of the peninsula that will make us dance at a frequency at which we are not used to.

As always since the first edition, the prices are highly popular: 40 cl cocktails of any kind can be purchased for € 4 at the bars and beer of the same size costing only 2 €. There will also be a wide selection of food both inside and outside the concert venue. And of course, not fast food, what you can eat in Iboga will be fresh, handmade and with high quality products. Similarly, the Iboga Market 2015 will consist of stalls in which the public can find all kinds of goods manufactured by the same people before them ... Something that despite being less and less seen nowadays, is loved by us!

And we could not forget the day party with a large outdoor circus tent, where we can enjoy lots of live DJs and bands (pure fire!), Activities such as workshops on graffiti, dancing or decoration, yoga sessions (to purge before returning home), drum parades ...

Overall, Iboga Summer Festival is a dream festival for those that want to come and enjoy the beach with the music that moves us, the music lovers. When? The next 27, 28, 29 and 30 July. Where? Tavernes de la Valldigna Beach (Valencia). If you miss it, it is because the music does not make you as crazy about it as it does to us ...

We want to publicly thank the city governors of Tavernes de la Valldigna for the trust and support put on us by their side.

¡¡See you on the dancefloor!!