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Known as a party in paradise, Groovefest is a new and bespoke festival held for 7 days in the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic. The festival features a mixture of the best from the worlds of deep house, soul and disco.


2016 line up TBA very Soon!


A complete takeover of a vacation resort, the clubs, the bars, the outdoor spaces, the glistening pools all to enjoy under the Caribbean sun. Importantly all food, drink, transfers and entrance fees are included in the price, so once you arrive you can 100% and concentrate on having fun in a 5 star resort.

Music venues and other entertainment

As well as the main festival itself there are beach parties, pool parties, boat parties and club events to enjoy, as we mentioned earlier this is all included in the price and the surrounding area is a wonder in itself- a spectacular and lavish resort on the North Coast of the Caribbean's most popular island, surrounded by sun-baked mountains, vibrant green vegetation and cooled by the soothing breezes that roll in off the Atlantic Ocean.

In total there are 15 restaurants, 33 bars, 2 nightclubs, two entertainment centres, 12 swimming pools, five exclusive beaches, two spas and also access to the gym.

Food and drink

For many all-inclusive may sound a bit dubious, but the food selection at Groovefest is spectacular, Everything from Italian to Mexican to off course the famous Caribbean food. Available 24 hours a day from the numerous resturants on the the island.


The accommodation ranges from presidential suite to studio depending on budget, and all of them come with fully stocked fridges of ice cold drinks and a choice of alcohol which will be restocked daily.


Packages start from £850, and there is also the option to take part in a four instalment payment plan. Tickets can be purchased via the main website.