Festival Of The Erotic Arts

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The Festival Of The Erotic Arts is a dedicated showcase displaying the multi-disciplinary art forms which make up the Erotic Arts. Launching in Edinburgh, It is the first of it's kind not only in Scotland but unique to the UK overall.


The festival wants to promote the work and creative projects of erotic art in all forms, aiming to present a forum to showcase and display art that is rarely seen in mainstream galleries, the event wants to celebrate the niche and nature of Erotic Arts.

Despite the controversy the festival has been met with, organisers state the "the event is a sleaze-free, sex-positive celebration of a thriving artform".

2012 Schedule

The event will have gallery-based visual art exhibition, exotic twisted cabaret show, short film showcase, workshops, erotic ball, talks & readings, an arts and crafts fair and performance art revues.

To view the full schedule click here.

Creation and development

The event is managed by Itsy Live Events, who are alternate event production based in Edinburgh, Individual event producers joining the festival include:

  • The Kitten Has Claws (Edinburgh/Glasgow)
  • Torture Garden Productions (London)
  • ArtWank Events (London)

Tickets and contacts

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