Alex James Presents Harvest

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Harvest Festival presented by Alex James of Blur was a music and food phenomenon, taking place in Oxfordshire in September.

The three day event, took place in two sites simultaneously in Oxfordshire and Suffolk.


On Thursday 22nd December 2011, Alex James released the following statement:

"Contrary to some reports (what you may be being told) no licence to hold a festival at my farm in 2012 has been granted to anyone and no festival is currently being planned. The organisers of the festival held in September this year, Big Wheel, have left many people badly out of pocket and this is something I am not at all happy about. I made it a specific point in my dealings with Big Wheel that payment obligations to third party service suppliers were to be honoured (lest) or they lose the right to hold further festivals. They have not honoured those obligations and I have terminated their right to hold any further Festivals on my farm.

Yours faithfully,

Alex James."