Tickets for Glastonbury 2016

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Submitted by BubbleFest on 2015, October 2 - 11:21pm

It’s October already: nights are drawing in; Halloween is just around the corner; the 10th is World Mental Health Day; Glastonbury tickets go on sale; International Walk to School Month takes some pressure off the roads … did somebody mention Glastonbury tickets?

For those with a design on embarking on the annual scramble, I mean challenge, in the first few days of October; we have hold of some top-grade rocket science, also known as sensible and emotionally compassionate tips and tricks, to guide you to getting your muddy paws on Glastonbury tickets, so that you will – at last! – be the envy of your friends and colleagues.

Michael Eavis claims that Glastonbury has next 2 years of headline acts already confirmed, so we need get our collective skates on.

Registration for Glastonbury 2016 closed at 9 am on Tues 29 Sept –if you did not apply for them by that date, there will be no chance for registration until after the preliminary ticket sales. Ticket only deposits will be sold from 9 am on Sunday October 4, 2015.

UK tickets must be paid for by debit card - international tickets can only be bought using Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

Tickets are £228+£5 booking fee: the deal is £50 down & the balance in the first week of April 2016.

Who knows where the time goes?

The speed that tickets sell out will increase every year: in 2012, it took one hour forty minutes, in 2013 under an hour and a half and only 25 mins last year. With the increase of entropy, connection speeds, and the tickets website resilience, the booking method is becoming ever quicker, therefore you must prepare yourself for a typing frenzy: you've got ten minutes to enter your details - no time for errors, looking for the toilets or circumlocution: check & fix everything you will need well beforehand.

If you miss the boat, other options still exist. Returns are available after the April deadline; you could just dress in black and attempt to pass yourself as a member of the crew. An old friend and I separately developed near-foolproof means of getting into anywhere; we are sworn to secrecy …

As we have only agreed not to divulge each other’s secret, I can tell you mine: get a job at the gig or work for one of the headlining bands. That may appear easier said than done; there are admin jobs such as Finance, Licensing, and Infrastructural posts (water, toilets, site works) as well as in the Site office, coordinating ad hoc infrastructural requirements, along with general administration and enquiries. You should chase the chance to work for organisations and charities that will be at the Festival: schmooze your Third Sector friends for ways in. Stewarding and (whoops, sorry Kevin!) medical roles are also available which may get you closer to the action.

Please note, these roles do require the same hard work and commitment – they are not an easy option – as being on tour with the Foo Fighters, Muse, Oasis, or even Fleetwood Mac. To check out this niche option, visit

2015, November 5 - 3:38pm

Another opportunity to get tickets for Glastonbury 2016: design the Yeo Valley Festival bag … simples!

Your entry has the potential to be seen on one hundred and forty thousand bags! Every year Glastonbury-goers are given an official tote bag as they amble into the festival for a life-affirming long weekend of mud, music and merriment. YV give you the prospect to style one side of the Glastonbury 2016 bag – and bag a couple of sought-after tickets to the sold-out fest, too.

HOW TO ENTER Draw up a design for one side of the Glastonbury bag. You must embody the YV brand, - available from their site. It ought to live 30cm x 30cm, use a most of 4 colors and have the year of the festival, in this case, 2016, within the layout. The winning entry will be printed onto material; bear this in mind and keep it simple!

Further competition details, T&C, etc at